Facebook is the biggest social media platform with more than 1 billion people logging in to Facebook EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Why Facebook Advertising?

Because we can reach if not all, almost everyone in your target audience on Facebook!

With the right content shown to them at the right time we can increase your sales!

Every time you log in to Facebook, upload a picture or interact with a brand, the Facebook system gets smarter. This data is very important because it helps us find the the people that matters the most to your business. When finding the right people we are able to attract new and relevant traffic to your website, and increase sales and brand loyalty.

Reach your audience where they are active

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With more than 1 billion people visit Facebook on their mobile everyday, mobile devices are now part of our every-day-lives. Not only do we use our phones and tablets to discover and communicate we also use them to shop more than ever. We make sure to reach your audience where they are active and engaged - on Facebook and across devices as mobile, desktop and tablets .

Inspire people visually with your business story

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With more than 500m+ monthly active users Instagram is a great way to grow your brand. We help businesses share their story in a visual environment with an engaged community. It’s a great way to expand your presence among a relevant audience. An audience we can find using the detailed targeting options from Facebook.

If we don't test how do we know what works the best

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Testing is a very important part of our job. Yes, we have a good understanding of what is working, but actually we can't know for sure. We take testing seriously - and we know we need to test in order to get you the best results. We test on headlines, ad copy, images, audiences and different ad types to figure out what works the best and what will bring you most value from your advertising budget.



Online Sales

We show engaging ads to the people who are most likely to make a purchase from you

Quality traffic to your website

If you are looking for more traffic to your website this is the preferred advertising feature. We will showcase your products or services using highly engaging content that catch the attention of your audience. More traffic to your website will help you increase sign-ups, lead-generation and sales.

Show you product range

With carousel ads we have the option of showing more than one product or service at the time. Hereby we can show your best selling products in a carousel format that allows the user to scroll through different images. Every image will direct the user directly to the product page making it easy for them to finish the purchase.

Your most valuable audience

By implementing a Facebook Pixel we create custom audiences based on the people who visit your website. We have seen that this is the most effective way to generate sales. We make sure that you will never remarket to the people who have already made a purchase the past days and we always track and optimize the adverts to increase the Return Of Investment(ROI)

Turn customers into loyal customers

By using your email-lists we can show adverts to the people who have subscribed to your newsletter or your existing customer list. We show your subscribers sponsored posts and adverts to keep them engaged with your brand. We will turn your existing customers into loyal customers and invite them to make repeat purchases.

Collect leads on Facebook

With Facebook lead ads we can get people to easily request a newsletter subscription, price quote or demo with just a few clicks on Facebook. The forms are preloaded with information from the users Facebook profile and we can even customize your forms to get the most important information from the subscribers, beyond their Facebook profile. We integrate the lead ads with your CRM system in real time so you can take immediate action.

Get people to contact you

If you want your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter through your website or contact you to get a quote we can help you. We find the people who are most likely to take these actions and optimize the adverts to give you more sign-ups or to get more people to contact you requesting your service.

Lead Generation

We connect your business with customers who are interested in hearing more from you

Brand Awareness

First step to become a successful business is to build brand awareness

Tell your story through video

Video ads on Facebook are a great way to increase your brand awareness. It’s a very cost-efficient way to easily showcase your products or services and videos are easy for the users to consume. Video ads work very well when delivered to people who haven’t heard about your brand before, but also to showcase new product releases.

Inspire your community

You might have experienced a decline in your organic reach from your posts on your Facebook page. With boosting posts you’ll have your posts shown to more people including the people liking your Facebook page. If you have company- or product news this is a good way to promote your latest news. Also if you are running a contest on your Facebook page you might want more people to participate. We help you reach the right audience for your Facebook posts.

When storytelling comes to life

Canvas is a new immersive and expressive way to tell your story and showcase your products. It brings storytelling to life and uses a combination of videos, still images and call-to-action buttons. With canvas people can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic images and zoom to view images in detail. Canvas is created as a response to the increasing use of mobile and is designed for a fast-loading and seamless experience on mobile.

Inspire your audience visually

Instagram is a great way to tell your business story. This platform is based on a highly engaged community of people who are ready to get inspired by your brand. It's a great way to showcase products and services and with paid advertising we put your brand in front of your target customer on Instagram.

Our Working ProcessIn 3 steps

Every time you login to Facebook, upload a picture, or interact with a brand, the Facebook system gets smarter. We use this data to find the people that matters most to your business. When we find the right people, we are able to attract new and relevant traffic to your website, and increase sales and brand loyalty with Facebook Advertising.

1. Plan & strategy

We want to understand your business and what you offer. We also want to understand your target customer. We analyze data to plan the best possible strategy for your business.

2. Develop & Launch

We develop your campaigns and make sure your content stands out in peoples news feed. We launch your campaigns and execute the strategy. You start to see an increase in traffic to your website and online sales.

3. Deliver & Optimize

Every business, every product and every customer is different. We test on headline, ad copy, image and audiences. This helps us to invest your advertising budget in the most effective way.

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